Saturday, February 14, 2015

Have You Ever Wondered If You Have a Sacred Gift?

Last fall I heard about this 2 day workshop from some friends on Facebook, where I could discover my Sacred Gifts. Now being that I like to think that I know myself pretty well, the thought of this intrigued me to see if I indeed knew myself as well as I thought I did, and maybe I would learn something I signed up! 

Many people have different names for these gifts; sacred gifts, spiritual gifts, soul gifts, callings.......but they all refer to the same thing. These are gifts that are NOT genetically handed down to us from our parents, these are gifts that are bestowed upon us when we enter this physical realm. Now I know I may have lost a few of you on that one, depending on where your beliefs are, but just stick with me on this one. You are just born with them, they are NOT a result of your upbringing. They seem to have a mysterious origin, like our soul picks them before we are born to fulfill a certain purpose. 

You know how you hear about kids that have amazing musical abilities, for example, but both of their parents don't have a musical bone in their bodies. It's like 'could' share the same gifts as your parents, but not necessarily so. 

It is stated that 80% of the people on this planet will never discover or live on purpose with their sacred gifts, and to me, that just seems sad. These gifts are meant to be a benefit to others. They are not meant for ourselves. The byproduct for you is how you feel when you are using them and seeing how the people around you are benefiting from them. How awesome is that?

There is an 'On Purpose' formula that these gifts have the GIFT, that you are applying in some MEANINGFUL way, where you can see others around you receiving a BENEFIT from your gift and that you have a certain VEHICLE through which your gift is being bestowed to them.

Some people may be using their gifts, but still don't feel on purpose. That could be that one of the 4 areas in the formula have gone 'off the rails' and you need to figure out how to fix it. That was how it was for me with Teaching. I spent 10 years teaching in the Education system, and started to feel like I had lost my passion for it, but after going through this process and finding out that Teaching was indeed one of my Sacred Gifts, it confirmed something that I had been thinking about for a while now, that the vehicle that I was using to teach, as in the how and where, needed to be changed for me to feel 'on purpose' again. 

So by now you are probably asking, what is the process? How do we find out what our gifts are? Well, the simple answer is to sign up for the next workshop which is happening June 13 and 14. The early bird pricing of $97 is available for the 2 day workshop just until the end of February, after that, it goes to the regular price of $197 and then if you procrastinate until the last minute, it's $297 at the door.  You can go to the Sacred Gifts Website for more info. 

But I will give you a little bit of an idea of what the process is. The facilitator and developer of the workshop, Monique MacDonald has a set of assessment questions that you fill out, and then score. When you add up your scores, you will see which gifts you have. There are 24 gifts in total, and you won't have all of them. The average person has 4-6 of them that will score in the high range. When I did mine, I had 6 where I scored very high on them, I then had some that I would call my 'second tier' gifts. They are still strong, but not as high as the others, and then there were some that barely got on the board, and a couple not at all. 

To me, mine are all inter-related. My top scoring gifts were Encouragement, Wise Counsel, Writing, Knowledge, Teaching and Craftsmanship, with my 'second tier' gifts being that of Simplicity, Facilitation and Challenge. I look at the 3 second tier ones and can see that they are ones that are becoming stronger as they have only recently been showing up in my life, where my top scoring ones have been present my whole life.  And that is kind of the point with these gifts, when you see the pattern of them showing up over and over again in your life. That is kind of a message to show you that is the purpose of you being here, and if you're not doing something with those gifts, you are probably feeling rather unfulfilled, frustrated and bored with life, and left to wonder 'Why am I here?'

Thank you Monique for taking me through the process, for confirming some things for me that I was feeling and opening my eyes to others. I now know that the direction that I have been thinking about heading IS the right direction for me to fully feel ON PURPOSE with my life!!! 

So if you are curious to see what your gifts are, and you are in the Lower Mainland of BC, I highly suggest signing up for this 2 day workshop to find out. It's a weekend that you won't soon forget! 

Me and Monique at Sacred Gifts

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