Saturday, April 14, 2012

Decisions = Destiny

Hello my lovelies!!!

I have just returned from the MOST amazing 3 day seminar EVER!  I was at the National Achievers Congress in San Jose, California, and there were SO many amazing speakers. After being up for almost 21 hours yesterday with all the travel time and lay overs and such, my brain is still a bit foggy, but I wanted to give you a little tidbit from one of the main speakers, Anthony Robbins.........and BTW, if you ever get the chance to see him live, do it!!!

The thing that makes the difference in the quality in our lives, is the decisions that we make.  Decisions are our Destiny! Decisions are what control our lives. Now, if decisions control the quality of our life, what controls our decisions? There are 2 things: The state you are in, and your blueprint.

The state that you are in, is what you are feeling from moment to moment.  You know when you are feeling good and confident, you have no problem in making decisions and they all seem to be good ones, but when you are in a bad/sad mood, we make not so good decisions.  We've all done it! We have to REALLY focus on controlling our state.  If we know that when we are in a good/positive state, we make better decisions for ourselves, then we REALLY have to focus on staying on the good/positive sides of things.

So how do we do that?  To change our state, we need to change our energy.  Energy comes from our psychology/mindset. You have heard me talk a LOT about changing our mindset to a more positive side and now you can see why.  Our emotions are created by MOTION.  Do you like to dance around the house, sing at the top of your lungs, get outside and go for a run?  These things have the ability to change your emotions because you are using your body in some way.  You are putting it into motion.  To change your state, you have to RADICALLY change how you use your body/physiology.  Most people live their lives passively.  That needs to stop NOW! Change in how you move, how you breathe, how you speak.  Use your body in a new way. Take your energy to a new level. Change your FOCUS!

We did an exercise that proved just how powerful this can be, by just changing your level of energy, it completely changes your overall level of feeling (your state).

Now changing your blueprint is a bit harder.  Your blueprint is long term, it is your history, your ingrained beliefs. If you are unhappy with the way things are in your life, you have to be willing and open to looking at what your blueprint is, and be willing to do what it takes to change it. Otherwise, there will be no growth, no change, and whatever is in your life right now, will always be.  The reason that a lot of people fail at doing things is because their goals are in conflict with their blueprint, and because your blueprint is so deeply ingrained in you, it will always win out.  When your life conditions = blueprint = happiness, but when your life conditions do NOT equal your blueprint, there is unhappiness and pain.

Tomorrow, I will talk about how you can go about changing your blueprint, but for on changing your STATE!  Take that energy to a new level!

"From this moment on - NO PASSIVITY!!!" 
~Anthony Robbins~

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