Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Living By Design

I know I have said this before, but it bears repeating over and over.  Life does not happen TO you, you CREATE it.  We live our lives in 4 separate planes of existence, but most people only take notice of one.  We live in the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual planes.  Being that the physical plane is the only one that we can actually see, that is the one that most people focus on.  Problem is, the physical is a print out of everything that is going on in the other 3.  What we see in our physical lives is a RESULT of what is going on in the other 3.  So if there is something that you are unhappy with in your physical life, you know where you need to be looking, and that is within!  Like I have mentioned before, it is easier to fall into the blame game for everything that is going wrong in our lives, but that is the victim's way out!  You need to spend some time looking inward to see in what other plane you are having issues. Most likely, it's all three!

Your thoughts lead to your feelings, which lead to your actions, which lead to the results that you see in your life, and where do those initial thoughts come from?  That would be your blueprint that I have been talking about in the last couple of posts.  It is your limiting beliefs about yourself, it's that little negative voice that you hear in your head telling you lies, to keep you right where you are in your little comfort zone.  If you want change or growth within your life, you need to be brave enough to step to the edge of your comfort zone and then step over than line!

You will get there one step at a time, one thought at a time.  It all starts with being more aware of your thoughts.  Stopping the ones that are disempowering and focus on the empowering ones!  Even if you don't believe the empowering ones at first, keep going, eventually you will.  It takes time to rewire your brain. You didn't get to where you are in your life overnight, so changing that will take some time too.  Be patient with your self, love yourself and surround yourself with positive people.

Celebrate every day like you did when you were a kid! 

"I don't need an excuse to feel good!" 
~Anthony Robbins~

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