Monday, April 16, 2012

Master Your Life

Continuing on from the last couple of posts, I want to talk about the ways that Anthony Robbins suggested on how we can master our lives.  Now some of these points may sound a little harsh and you may not agree with them, but most people will agree, change is never easy.  These points are what will help in the changing of your blueprint.

1. Strengthen Your Identity and Raise Your Standards
We all have an internal definition as to who we are and the strongest force in the human personality is the need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves.  We may not like how we have defined ourselves in the past and want to change it, but you have to realize that your brain will tell you whatever it has to, to keep you right where you are, in your comfort zone. This is where your strength of will and commitment to it comes in.  It is never easy to redefine yourself, and there will be some struggle, but if you truly want change in your life, this is where you have to start.  Everything that is in your life RIGHT NOW, is a reflection of your standards, so if you do not like what you see, you have to change your standards. One way to do this is look at who you spend a majority of your time with.  You become who you spend time with.  This can work in two ways.  The people that you spend time with will either start to bring your level of standards down little by little.  At a certain point you may start to feel uncomfortable, and that will either kick start you to change, or you will convince yourself to settle for a new lower comfort zone. Are you in a place now that 10 years ago you would have never considered?  That's a hard question, but it is one that should be considered.  You can also decide to spend time with people that will challenge you to raise your standards.  Again, your comfort zone may feel challenged, but you choose as to whether you will reject the challenge, or rise up to meet it and change your comfort zone to a new higher level.

If you REALLY want to strengthen your identity and raise your personal standards, you really have to get around people that play the game of life at a different level of intensity.  Once your identity shifts, you'll never want to go back!

All those 'shoulds' that you have in your life, have to be turned into 'musts'!  This is the true key to mastering your life.

2. Get Rid of the Limiting Story/Beliefs
You need to change your story! In today's society, we are in the habit of accepting failure and justifying it in one way or another.  If you keep telling yourself that lie long enough, you will end up believing it. Ask yourself these next 3 questions, and I suggest that you actually write down your answers to them.  What is an emotional story that has stopped you from doing something in the past? Why is that story a load of crap? What is a truth that will get you through that crap?

There is something called the Success Cycle.

However you believe about yourself in one directly affects the other.  If you feel you have high potential, you will take lots of action and get lots of results and that will lead to a higher belief/certainty in yourself  that continues the thought that you have a lot of potential, but if it's a low belief in yourself, you won't feel you have much potential, so you won't take much action, and you won't have much if any results.  It is in this cycle that limiting story or belief about yourself will show up.  This is why that story/belief needs to change!

3. Model Strategies that Work! 
Success in other people leaves clues!  You don't have to think that you are going out on an unbeaten path.  Learn from others around you that have been down that road and have come out the other end. People who have had success will be more than willing to share how they did it, as long as you are open enough to listen.

4.Crap Happens! 
Now, you're probably thinking........HUH???.......the point is, you can be doing all the right things and that big glitter ball will still hit you in the head.  It's what you do AFTER that, that counts!!  Increase your intensity, don't give up!!! People who are leaders in their life will get up, dust themselves off and come back even stronger than they were before!!

Here are some affirmations to leave you with today.  Say with emotion and conviction over and over!
I will lead, NOT follow
I will believe, NOT doubt
I will create, NOT destroy
I am a force for good
I am a leader
Defy the odds
Set a new Standard

"The Lesson is simple. If you want to move to a higher level of life, you have to be willing to let go of some of your old ways of thinking and adopt new ones.  The results will eventually speak for themselves." 
~T. Harv Eker~

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